Friday, June 26, 2009

New Insights

David Paulides new book Tribal Bigfoot has some interesting insights concerning bigfoot and the relationship that Native Americans have to these creatures. I highly recommend this book. Check out North American Bigfoot's site for an excellent review by Bobbie Short, who runs Bigfoot Encounters. Harvey Pratt has used his skills as a forensic artist to extract the images of Bigfoot from the descriptions of eye witnesses, mostly Native Americans and the result is perhaps a little surprising to the exponents of the Ape Hypothesis. It seems that most Bigfoot are not as hairy as the Patterson figure was supposed to be, at least around the facial area. As Paulides says, if these people were just inventing these sightings they would most likely try to describe a creature that fits the stereotype. The main stereotype is based on the images in the Patterson film. We have this dark and supposedly hairy creature walking across the scenery. She turns and and looks at Patterson momentarily and then continues on her way. It has always been assumed that this darkness represented hairiness. I don't think it does. I think it is time to reconsider this image in light of these findings.
The film was taken against against a backdrop brightly illuminated by the afternoon sun. The film has apparently been developed to bring this background out clearly, but this leaves the dark figure of the creature underexposed. On top of that, the figure is so small relative to the scene, it is necessary to enlarge the image to a considerable degree. Unfortunately, this degree of enlargement exposes certain anomalies in the photographic and development process. The graininess of the film is obvious. There is also something I call "bleedover". I am not a film expert , so I don't know the technical name for it, I think it is caused by electron flow, but I may be wrong on that. But I do know what it does. It causes dark objects to darken objects near it and light objects to lighten objects. This causes objects(light or dark objects on the film) to seem to move or expand toward each other. This is only noticeable at very great enlargements of a film image, such as the popular images from the patterson film.
To top it all, someone has tampered slightly with the popular frame 352 and it is not a true representation of the original image. I show this clearly in my web album Meet Bigfoot, Which has a link in my last post.
Patty(the popular name of the Patterson figure), is not as hairy as some think, in my opinion.
William Mayes

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