Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy summer soltice

Partyers stayed up all night last night at Stonehenge to welcome the arrival of the first day of summer.
No one knows Who built Stonehenge or Why. Some believe that it was constructed by followers of a pre-Christian religion called Druidism. But scientists have established that the construction is at least 12,000 years old and predates the Druids. Since the largest stones are lined up to face the direction of the rising sun on the first day of summer, many believe that the construction represents some kind of calendar. It is also believed to be a burial ground since a number of graves have been found on the sight.
A lot of ancient constructions are aligned with the moon or sun.I would just like to mention that in the days before electric or gas lighting, the main illumination was the sun and people built their houses to take advantage of it.
Some believe that giants erected the colossal stones.I rather doubt it.
I believe that giants existed at the time of the construction of Stonehenge, though, because they exist right now. They are the same creatures we know as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.
At one time, it was common knowledge that in the forests and mountains away from human habitations dwelt strange humanlike creatures both large and small. But something happened to them and they went away.
When they disappeared, the memory of them lingered and was distorted into the myths that we now know.
Tomorrow I will explain the tragic event that occurred that caused the disappearance of the Forest Peoples of Europe. So hang in there with me and you will be enlightened.
William Mayes

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