Monday, June 22, 2009

The Black Death

In the middle of the fourteenth century the Black Plague decimated the populations of Europe. It is estimated that it reduced the population of Europe by one third or more.
I believe that the Hairy forest people were hit much harder than the human population since the plague was carried by fleas and presumably the hairy forest people had fleas. The destruction was close to 100%. Unfortunately, no one was present to record this event for posterity.
The map shows the progress of the plague from 1347 to after 1351.
Notice the large green area on the map in eastern Europe. This is an area that had only minor outbreaks. It is also an area where there are still reports of hairy forest people, the Almas. In the rest of Europe, stories of encounters with these creatures ceased, and eventually people began to lose their belief in them. The ancient folk tales of encounters with these beings degenerated into amusing stories and fables.
If this event had never happened then knowledge of these creatures would be common and all the fairy tales made up by story tellers would probably not exist and Bigfoot would not be called a myth.
William Mayes

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