Saturday, June 27, 2009

A new Interpretation Of The Patterson Images

I mentioned in my previous post that we need to re-evaluate the Patterson images in light of the new revelations concerning the appearance of Bigfoot.
Trying to enhance these images only enhances the errors. There is only one tool that can improve these images. The human mind.
What we need is a bright, analytical mind with good physical intuition and artistic talent. By examining the background clutter, he could compensate for the distortions caused by "bleed over"(see the previous post for a definition), moderate the extreme contrast, and add detail that is hinted at in the unrefined image. Unfortunately, Leonardo Da Vinci is no longer with us.
So, the task devolves upon my humble and narrow (metaphorically speaking) shoulders.
And I have risen to the task as the image above shows.
In the upper left hand corner is a cut-out from a frame of the Patterson film to be used for comparison. Note that the so-called "saggital crest" has disappeared in the main image. It and the "horns" on the side of the head are nothing but artifacts produced by distortions caused by the background. I have lightened the cheeks and since there were hints of wrinkles in the original image, I have concluded that the hair there could not be too thick.The forehead is a matter of conjecture, but I went with the flow and decided that the lightness could be the skin showing through.
What think ye of my Masterpiece?
William Mayes

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