Saturday, June 20, 2009


Welcome to the hairygiants blog. This first post is mainly description of my intentions.
Maybe you are not used to the term Hairy Giants. It is a term I use for the creatures known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. I call them this because I believe that it is more descriptive than Bigfoot and is less whimsical.
I am a true believer, which doesn't mean I have a religious or superstitious faith in these creatures, only that I am convinced at this time that the evidence is real. I realize that most scientists believe that that Bigfoot is a myth. Their belief has no more grounds than mine. In fact, I think it has less, since they do not examine the evidence because they believe it is not worth their effort.
There is a great deal of literature on these creatures and a lot of web sites devoted to some aspect (usually research) of Bigfootery. I have read some of the books and keep track of the main websites.
I will be discussing some of these books and websites from time to time and will post links to some of them.
One book I will probably be discussing will be Tribal Bigfoot by David Paulides. It is just out and I haven't received my copy yet, but I am very much interested in the drawings done by Harvey Pratt, who is a forensic artist. A forensic artist is a person who draws a picture of a criminal or missing person from a witness's verbal description. That is what Harvey has done with witnesses of bigfoot sightings. Paulides previous book, The Hoopa Project had some surprising drawings (to some people) of these creatures.
Other things I will have a lot of is drawings by my favorite artist: me.
Yes, I like to draw and I like to draw the Hairy Giants.
William Mayes

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I've lived in the woods and came to know and understand the creatures that inhabit it. I have compassion for all God's creatures, most especially the creature known whimsically as "bigfoot", since he is more like us than any other. I am now an old man and unable to run around in the woods. If I were able I would be out there right now trying to prove his existence. I started this blog to try to express some of the ideas and speculations I have had on bigfoot. I am not into bigfoot social events. I don't gossip about other bloggers. I try to keep myself informed of events. My ideas and opinions are my own and I make no apology for them. They are not written in stone and I welcome any and all civil comments. I am looking for the truth, not fame.