Saturday, July 4, 2009

Seeing Bigfoot

Here is an interesting story of a lady who saw a bigfoot at close range while camping out in Colorado. The picture is loosely based on this incident.

A Close Encounter.

The other day there was a report in the news about a lady in Fairfield, Connecticut who claimed she almost ran into an 8 foot tall Bigfoot in the middle of Unquowa Rd. She reported it to police and they quickly found a teenager (so they say) who had been standing at the intersection of Unquowa Rd and Sturgis Rd dressed in a gorilla suit, waving at passing motorists while his friends watched.
If the woman was honestly mistaken as it appears to be, then there is no reason to call it a hoax as Cryptomundo did.
But I am not so sure she was mistaken. The initial report does not state that she saw it at the Sturgis Rd intersection and since she came close enough to the creature as to almost hit it, I'm sure she could tell how large it was. It may not have been the teenager she saw. In fact, the story of the teenager could have been made up for all we know. Since the kid was only 16 years old and had not broken any laws, there would be no official record that would identify him.

My favorite Bigfoot scientist: Wolf Henner Fahrenbach

A Scientist Studies Bigfoot

Here are some of his Bigfoot Articles. Here and here.
If you don't think he is a real scientist, check this out.
Have a happy Independence Day.

William Mayes

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