Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bigfoot talk

I've listened to an awful lot of alleged bigfoot sounds over the last year or two, mostly screams and whoops. Some sound like wolves or dogs. I lived very close to a pack of red wolves one time. The leader, a female would would start rousting them out about three a m and you never heard so much complaining in all your life. They would would whine and wail awhile then they would get up and leave, probably to check out the garbage cans in a nearby housing area. Some of the recordings i've heard sound just like those wolves.
I believe that a some of these recordings are misidentifications of other animals and birds and some may be outright fakes, but not all. It's really hard to know for sure.
One set of recordings that I believe are real are the bigfoot sounds of Al Berry and Ron Morehead. I purchased their cds and have studied them intently. If they are fake then these guys have created a masterpiece. If they are real, and I believe that they are, then bigfoot can talk. No one could listen to these vocal interactions and not realize this. If you haven't heard these recordings then you should get these cds. They will boggle your mind. ( A boggle or bogle was probably a bigfoot type creature that has been mythologized.Similar to boggards ,boogers and bucas).
Anyway, I've analyzed these sounds and I think I can tell what language group these conversations belong to. It's not what you think. I also have determined possibly the meaning of one or two of their phrases. I have also determined that these creatures are also superstitious.
This may sound extreme but I will try to explain my analysis starting hopefully, tomorrow. Get a copy of these recordings and follow along with me. I am an old man and I tire easily. But hopefully I will be back tomorrow to enlighten you. I have much more to say than I have time for.
William Mayes

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