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More Bigfoot Talk

There are people who believe these creatures aren't actually talking as humans would do but are just making animal sounds that sound like speech, but are nothing but emotional responses. But these vocalizations have been studied by linguists who have concluded that they are indeed some form of speech. These creatures obviously take turns vocalizing just as we humans do in our conversation. The response to a vocalization does not always match the instigating vocalization.
This could only be because the response is based on the perceived meaning of the vocalization and not its emotional tone.

Track 2 of the first cd is a recording of "the old man" and a female( presumably "the old woman").I've tried to approximate the sounds as best as I could but different interpretations are possible.
The old man makes an initial vocalization that sounds like "kahunny" and she replies in a very gentle tone "um Hmm?" a slight pause and then she says in the same gentle tone what sounds like "nelson". In spite of her dulcet tones the old man responds in a sarcastic manner. "I noafhoom WHHA?"obviously responding to the meaning of"nelson" and not to her gentle voice. She then goes into explanatory mode with a slightly higher pitch and slighter louder and quicker voice, just as anyone would if they had said some thing unusual that needed clarification.

This is speech. It may be a very simple language that they are using, but it is speech nevertheless.

This particular interchange is very significant and getting a recording of it was a lucky break. I believe that the subject of the conversation was the men in the camp, and the female changed the old man's attitude toward these intruders. I think the front end of this conversation may have been cut off since the old man usually begins an utterance with "ah", "aw", or "Wa" if he is speaking loudly. This is probably similar to how people often(more than they realize) begin an utterance with "uh".

It is hard enough to try to convince science that a hairy manlike bipedal ape is walking the wilderness areas of North America, but to then come along and say that maybe they can talk and maybe they aren't animals after all bothers even some die-hard bigfooters.
I have identified several repeated sounds that seem to have the character of words and have been able to assign a tentative meaning to them.
one is "blag" or "blagt" which seems to me to mean "talk". It is used several times in interchanges between the creatures and the men. One time when one of the creatures made a somewhat mocking response to the men, the old man spoke up saying " wa hinden froido to blag". My guess is that he is telling the others to speak in a more friendly manner. In an exchange where one of the men talks and whistles to the old man, the old man responds "aw blagobooma". May be he is saying "aw, talk sense".
Another word is "why". I've spelled it exactly the same as the english word "why" because amazingly enough, it seems to be used in the same context and may mean the same thing. The vocalizations have to my ear a distinct germanic sound to it. This might be because of its gutteral quality. But a close examination of some of the word sounds used leads me to believe that it actually does have affinities to an ancient germanic language. In the next installment I will try to explain why I think this language may have a relation to Old Saxon.

William Mayes

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  1. Hi William.

    I have experienced these same types of vocalizations. A lot of us have come to call it "samurai jibberish". It kind of like hearing samurai actors speak in a movie. I firmly believe that the bigfoot language is composed of many languages (i.e., French, English, Asiatic, Native American and Norse). I have also noticed that you hardly hear the "letter F" in their speech. Why I don't know?
    I'd like to add your blog URL to my website if you don't mind? If you'd like to add my URL you certainly may. My address is:

    I conduct research on the Alabama-Georgia borders and in Tennessee.

    Kind Regards,
    Jeffrey A. Teagle


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