Monday, September 7, 2009

Rasa, The Old Man

The narrator the first cd of Bigfoot Sounds mentions that a small voice piped up and was addressed roughly by the old man. It seems to be asking a question, but is very indistinct and I can make nothing of it.
There was another incident where a small voice piped up but was answered more gently by the old man. It is a little clearer and what it says is very interesting. This is on the second cd on track 9 at about 2 minutes and 56 seconds.
From what I can make out, The voice says:"Rasa?" Slight pause."Is a tokarite?"
The old man replies:"On wun siye."
After a pause, the small voice says:"By By."

These, of course, are just representations of my impressions of these sounds and there is no way to know what they mean. But it seems to me that when the first voice called out to the old man he used his name (the old man's). "Rasa" then is probably the Old Man's name or possibly a term of respect such as "Grandfather" or "Chief". I believe it is most likely his name.
In an interaction between the old man and the female I noticed the sound "wooten" Used several times and "ooten" used once. They sound as if the were being used as suffix or modifier at the end of an expression.
I also wonder if "wooten" has any relation to "woota wada" which one of the callers used to initiate his calls to the men at the beginning of the session. He spoke it, to my mind, as if he were using a formal greeting.
There's a lot of stuff in these cds. I just wish there was more.
William Mayes

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