Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some Things I Need To Say

Human beings are verbal creatures. Our life revolves around the spoken word or its written representation. We learn to concentrate on the meaning of words. In doing so we tend to lose the ability to read the subtleties of the sounds we hear. The intentions of a person may not match the words he speaks. Animals that cannot speak are very aware of things like vocal intonation and body language.
But we also have this ability, we have just covered it up. If we hadn't had it as babies we could not have learned to talk.
We need to unconfuse ourselves and learn to use our inborn abilities for reading body language, facial expressions and vocal intonations.
The best way of practicing this is to be in the company of someone who does not speak your language.
Such is the case with the bigfoot recordings, except we can't see them, we only have the vocal intonations.
There are creatures running around naked in the wilderness areas of the Amazon. But because they are of normal size and are not hair covered, we have no trouble calling them human beings. They have a language and they speak. They are barbaric, ignorant and superstitous. This is the normal state of humanity.
The giant hairy people that are called bigfoot are human beings; they have a language. They are no doubt barbaric, ignorant and superstitious. They are not apes and they are not magical creatures. They don't read minds or disappear in mid air. They are flesh and blood just like we are.
A researcher trying to get at the truth is besieged from all sides. On one side are the mythologizers who try to portray bigfoot as some kind of magical monster ape with paranormal powers. This attitude is made worse by the number of people who want to profit by taking advantage of people gullible enough to believe their horse shit.Their key phrase is "people love a mystery". People are curious and people want to know the truth, but the people who love mystery are those who sell fiction.
On the other side are the psychologizers, who see the mythologizers as the essense of the bigfoot community. Their key phrase is "There is a need to believe in giant humanoid creatures", or some variation, implying that it's all in our heads.
Scientists are in denial mainly for their fear of losing face by investigating a true natural mystery that might question the theories of important theorists high in the social order.
I am not a mythologizer. It may seem that I am but what I am trying to do is listen to these sounds as if they were made by human beings.The inferences and conclusions I make are highly tentative and are subject to revisement. Nevertheless I believe some such approach is needed to establish the fact that these are indeed human beings and not animals.
I said in the last post that I would explain why this bigfoot language seems to resemble (in some respects) Old Saxon. In the incident with the old man and the female when the old man initiates the conversation by saying what I thought sounded like "kahunny?"which I said sounds like the front end of this word was missing, I believe he is actually saying"kann e,te?". Kann is an Old English(Old Saxon) word for think. He is possibly saying"What think you of this?"
Please stick with me. I may be slow, but There is more, lots more. Next time.
William Mayes

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