Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hominoid Captured Alive

There interesting story about a group of people that caught a wildman (Almasti) and put him in the trunk of their car. This was in Russia and was posted on This story has been around for a while, it happened in 1989 I believe. For those who have not heard or read this story here is a link to it.
William Mayes

Monday, October 19, 2009

Patty's Cheeks

If you will look at the image on the left which is my rendering of one of the Patterson images, you can see that she has high cheek bones. Apes do not have cheek bones. Apes have their jaw muscles attached to a crest of bone along the top of the head. Humans have their jaw muscles attached to the temples. As a consequence, the bridge of bone which these muscles pass under is placed more forward in a human than an ape. This bridge is attached at the cheek bone. This causes the human cheek bones to stand out more. This indicates to me that the Patterson creature does not have a real sagittal crest and and is closely related to humanity.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

There's Something About A Bigfoot

It seems strange to me that so many people seem to be overcome with fear when they encounter a Bigfoot. It doesn't happen to everyone, of course, but it happens often enough that I think that it should be noted. Bigfoot is a huge, muscular, and hairy. I don't think that his size has much to do with it, because people who have not even sighted the creature are affected. I know a fellow that was squirrel hunting who was being paced by something on two feet. He was a very experienced hunter and an intelligent man who was very savvy about such things. He said it would walk when he walked and stopped when he stopped. He never saw the creature but he said that every hair on his body was sticking straight up, and all he wanted to do was get back to his truck as fast as he could. His dog looked like he felt the same way. The latest report on bfro is an example of how bigfoot will inspire fear.
These humanoids have been around for a long time. It is probable that humans and bigfeet have interacted long enough that each has acquired innate or instinctive response to other's presence. Looking at some of the cave drawings and other representations of these creatures, you can see that humans have often considered it great sport to kill them or take advantage of them in some way and Bigfoot often reciprocated the feelings. If nature says "be afraid" then you should listen. Hopefully it is not something that can't be overcome. Perhaps that's why they are so shy.
At Bigfoot Encounters Bobby Short has written an interesting article on human giants and their comparison to Bigfeet. She also has a revelatory article by Peter Byrne about some of the "Icons" of Bigfoot research. And here are a couple of articles on Ardipithecus at Science Daily. (1), (2). Ardipithecus is not bigfoot. The first article has some nice drawings of this creature. It looks like some kind of Gibbon to me.
William Mayes

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