Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Minnesota bigfoot picture

The image on the right is a trail camera shot apparently of a bigfoot that was taken in northern Minnesota.
There seems to be unanimous agreement by bigfooters that this is most likely not a bigfoot but someone in hairy looking suit of some kind who wandered by and set off the camera, intentionally or otherwise.
Well, I think they are wrong.
It is a fake alright. But it is a 'photoshopped' image and not a passerby. The color of the creature is too blue. The left leg is too long. But the main giveaway can be seen in the second image.

I have drawn a red arrow pointing toward a stem of grass or weed that originates on the far side of the figure.
This stem cuts in front of the figure's left leg, which is impossible.
The left leg is too long, the reason is probably to hide a poorly drawn foot or possibly a shoe (if the image was of a human in an ape suit) behind some foliage. The blueness of the figure was because it was taken from an image with a bluer tone and no color adjustments were made.

William Mayes


  1. when will people learn, that faking photos or dressing up as Bigfoot is a disservice

  2. The bigfoot community has a lot astute people who are not easily fooled by fakes, but some people can't seem to get that in their heads. They must assume that all bigfooters are stupid and can be fooled easily. Look at all the crappy fake bigfoot videos on You Tube.


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