Thursday, January 21, 2010

Descriptions of Bigfoot

There is so much variation in the descriptions of Bigfoot that one wonders if they are all of the same creature. Many are described with hair on their forehead and many are described as having a forehead apparently clear of hair.
Roger Patterson drew some pictures of Bigfoot showing a forehead covered with hair. What is interesting about his drawings, is the manner in which the hair on the forehead curls back up. I don't know whether he drew this after or before he made his film of Patty at Bluff Creek. Obviously Patty has hair on her forehead.
In David Paulides book The Hoopa Project, Harvey Pratt, who is a forensic artist with the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation and has had 40 years experience in that discipline has used his skills to extract the images of bigfoot from the descriptions of eyewitnesses. Most of the images have foreheads clear of hair. But one noticeably has his forehead covered with hair. According to Pratt's work, it appears that these creatures have a more humanlike appearance than has been previous believed. Some people believe that Pratt may have a bias to represent these creatures in a more humanlike way. I don't believe that. Harvey is too much of a professional to do that.
The nose is usually described as broad and flat with with large nostrils. Descriptions have varied from apelike to caucasian looking.
When people see these creatures it is usually for just a few seconds and they don't have time to focus on any details, so their descriptions are usually just a general perception which may be colored by preconceived notions.
The problem is compounded by the fact that there are people who get a kick out of making false reports. There is often no easy way to know if a description is false.
The idea that Bigfoot is a relative of Gigantopithecus started with Bernard Heuvelman. This was taken up by Grover Krantz, who fashioned an entire skull from a jawbone and some teeth using a gorilla skull as a model. He then decided that the creature was bipedal because of the width of the jaw. This then became the model for Bigfoot. I don't believe it.
Until I can see one for myself I will have to rely on the descriptions of witnesses, and there seems to be a lot of room for artistic license. I tend to draw my pictures of Bigfoot with the idea that these creatures are closely related to humans. That means I may be giving them a little too much likeness to humanity, but most drawings of bigfoot heretofore have taken the ape model which I think is wrong. Hopefully we'll live to see what Bigfoot really looks like.
William Mayes

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