Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Calling out to Bigfoot

When somebody goes out in the woods where bigfoot is suspected of being, they often try to mimic some of these sounds, or play an amplified recording of a purported bigfoot call or simulation of a purported bigfoot call to try to get some kind of response.

I don't believe that all the screams and whoops and yelps or whatever you may call them that are attributed to bigfoot are really bigfoot sounds. Wolves, owls and other birds can make some strange sounds.I can visualize two groups of bigfoot hunters call-blasting each other. Could this have happened? I don't know, but it's possible. It's even possible that someone taking a group out on a bigfoot expedition might decide to give his customers a memorable experience by faking a bigfoot call. It might get recorded and used as an example of a real bigfoot call. I'm not accusing anyone of doing this, I'm just pointing out that it's possible.

I don't know what bigfoot thinks about these meaningless sounds. I suspect he thinks the caller is trying to make a fool of him. More likely he thinks the caller is stupid.
I think it would be much better if you called out in english. I think some bigfoot know a few words of english. They have heard people speak. They may not know the exact meaning or how to use them in a sentence. Before they can learn that, there has to be some kind of vocal interaction between humans and bigfoot.

An interesting report of bigfoot imitating human words is given in the story of the "Zoobies", where a bigfoot or "Zoobie" was heard imitating a woman calling her chickens. The story can be read on Bobbie Short's Bigfoot Encounters. Here is a direct link: zoobies

No one ever tries to talk to bigfoot. I think it should be tried. What to say is another matter. Just say "Hello, I would like to talk to you and be your friend,"or something to that effect. I know you might feel embarassed shouting out something like that in front of your friends, but do it anyway. You might gain their trust and establish communication with them. Maybe not. But you'll never know till you try.

William Mayes


  1. I lived 1/4 mile from the site in Leeds Maine 7 years ago..I've been investigating since then..I have saved my pennies and acquired enough gear to complete the investigation..I learned their habits along with how they congregate..and learned also how to mock their call which they use in the wee morning hours to get together not the same as on TV..also what they eat etc.
    when I lived there most people did not believe me till I showed them things to look for and how they sound..eventually I gained nearly thirty separate witnesses in the area..
    I guarantee 100% I will capture a recording..My team will be putting on an active investigation in August of this year when the beasts are most active.

  2. Please let me know how it turns out. My email is


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