Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hypothetical Bigfoot

Above is a hypothetical drawing of bigfoot. It is based on my interpretations of bigfoot that I have read from books and internet reports of sightings. There are a lot of variations in the descriptions of bigfoot, so I have chosen from certain descriptions and have drawn this face. I want to ask my readers :
A) Do you think this looks anything like an actual bigfoot?
B) Do you think it looks more humanlike than apelike?
C)Do you think an actual bigfoot looks more humanlike or more apelike?

In another post, I will explain why I have drawn the features as I have. Thank You for any feed back.


  1. Cool Hypothetical Bigfoot

  2. I like this drawing. I like that you have used your readings of eye witness accounts to draw this composite. I hope several witnesses will respond and offer to work with you on future representations. On a lighter side, this drawing reinforces my preference to see my first several bigfoots through binoculars rather than up close and personal... Dennis Bauer (bigfootbait)


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