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It is my belief that there has existed and still may exist beings related to but not the same as homo sapiens. On every continent and in every racial group there are folklores of humanlike creatures. It is in countries like England and other European countries where these creatures are the most bizarre and unbelievable, creatures like elves and fairies are just too fantastic for one to believe that they had any basis in reality. There is a reason for that. The original creatures looked nothing like the modern depiction.
 In a non-literate society where tradition is handed down by word of mouth, the keepers of the tradition are more careful to render their stories faithfully and as accurate as possible. Changes occur of course, but usually not by design.
 On the other hand, in literate societies, there is little or no respect for verbal tradition. The literate intellectual sees these quaint stories handed down by the common people as fodder for his imagination and he creates stories to suit his fancy. These tales are mixed in and supplant the original folklore, and in a few generations the results are quite fantastic.
 I believe because of universality of these traditions, there must be some truth behind them.
 It is in societies that have an oral tradition, such as the Native American that you are likely to find the most accurate accounts of these homins.

Here are some interesting links at Bigfoot Encounters on the subject

Now it seems that science has come around to discovering that there were more to the human line than previously thought:

William Mayes

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