Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Origin of Bigfoot

Is Bigfoot a Neandertal? Some people have suggested that Almasty are Neandertals and we suppose that Bigfoot is similar to them. I don't think so, because Neandertals had  large heads with a pronounced bulge on the back of their heads. Most descriptions of Bigfoot indicate he has a small head, at least relative to his size. Also Neandertals were not tall but about the size of an ordinary human or shorter.
 My first choice for Bigfoot was Homo Ergaster. He was tall and he has been described as being better adapted to bipedal walking and running than modern man. Of course there has been a lot of changes in the 1.9 million years since Turkana boy walked the earth. According to current thought, Ergaster evolved into Homo Heidelbergensis and Heidelbergensis evolved into two branches, Neandertal and Homo Sapiens. I believe Heidelbergensis also evolved into another branch. This is the branch that gave rise to Bigfoot. This line probably originated in Europe and survivors of these people gave rise to the legends of trolls, and other manlike beings.
The only thing wrong with this theory is that Homo Heidelbergensis was an adept tool maker and we would assume his descendents would be also. Yet There has been no reports of Bigfoot using hand made tools. What's the matter with Bigfoot. Why isn't he making tools?
 I think he has lost his knowledge of tool making because of a recent disaster that reduced his population to such a low level that there were not enough people(Bigfoot people) to maintain and pass on the technical knowledge of tool making to their descendents. In other words Bigfoot has come as close as the skin of his teeth to becoming extinct. This probably was caused by disease. I suspect that during the middle part of the 20th century Bigfoot started to increase his population and was barely saved from extinction. I also suspect that one of the main causes of this increase was the widespread use of DDT. Fleas, mosquitoes and other insects are the main carriers of the diseases that were killing Bigfoot. DDT dramatically cut down on these disease carrying insects and may have saved Bigfoot from extinction.

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