Friday, May 14, 2010

The Case Against the Ape Theory

The Ape Theory doesn't have a leg to stand on and never did. It is based on Grover Krantz's dubious model of Gigantopithecus as an upright bipedal ape, and that this model fits the description of bigfoot.
In answering the critics of the Patterson film, Krantz managed to confirm some of the errors that they held.
One objection was that since the creature was a female, it shouldn't have a saggital crest.
Krantz's response was that the crest was not a function of maleness per se but a function of size. In doing so, he confirmed the false idea that Patty had a saggital crest.
Another objection was that the "creature" had large humanlike breasts, but they were covered in hair. The objection was that apes don't have hairy breasts nor do they have large breasts unless they are nursing their offspring.
Krantz answer to that was that bigfoot is a unique species and there is no reason to say what it should or should not have in this regard. This confirmed the false belief that Patty had hair-covered breasts.
Another source of errors is in the NASI report. It states that the position of the ears is closer to the position of an ape's ear than a human's. In the image that is shown, the ear is not visible at all. Instead there is a dark splotch which if taken to be the ear, would be in the wrong place for a human ear. But it is not an ear, it is hair, that due to its coloring or shadowing appears darker than the surrounding hair. This hair can be pointed out in other images and shown for what it really is.
It should be pointed out that these image are all highly enhanced digital images. The software that enhanced these images will enhance the errors along with the rest of the image. The distinctness gained by using this software has the effect of making artifacts seem more real.
An objective examination of the Patterson film will show these obvious truths:
1) Patty does not have a sagittal crest
2) The only thing that can be ascertained about her breasts is that they are dark. This does not mean they are hair covered.
3) Her ears seem to be in the usual place for humans.
Another fictitious fact is that Patty has a hair-covered face.There is obviously hair on her forehead, this may be a combination of thick brows and hair falling down across her brow. This is not clear at all. There may be some hair on her cheeks but it may just be skin color. One image in the NASI report shows what looks like beard hairs sticking out from her chin. An examination of the frames nearby shows that these "beard hairs" are actually part of the background.
Another answer that Krantz gave that is wrong is the one why Bigfoot turns his whole body when he looks around. He said that since Bigfoot's chin was lower than his shoulder then he couldn't turn his head around because his chin would collide with his shoulder so he had to turn his whole body.
The reason why this is wrong is because even humans can not turn their heads far enough for their chins to be even with their shoulders, simply because the neck can not turn that far. Try it.
When people look behind them, they use a combination of eye turn, neck turn and body turn, usually twisting at the waist. A fat person may actually turn his whole body since his waist is less flexible. So might a Bigfoot for the same reason.

(to be continued)

William Mayes

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