Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feral Sasquatches.

We know that there have been human children that have been lost or abandoned in the wilds and have been raised by animals. Such children are called "Feral Children". Feral children are developmentally crippled because they have missed critical stages in human development where they should have learned basic human traits such as talking and walking on two feet. A feral child raised by wolves would howl and run around on all fours like a wolf. Attempts to train such children to act like humans is usually not very successful.
 What happens when a mother bigfoot with a small child dies? If there are no other bigfeet around to adopt the child, then the child will perish. But it's possible that the child could be found by a mother bear. All baby animals are easily recognized as babies and the bear may adopt the child, especially if she had only one or two cubs. We know that such things happen because they have happened to human children. In fact I think that such a thing is more likely to happen to sasquatch children than to humans.
 Note that I am not trying to say that sasquatch are feral humans. Sasquatch are a unique species and are not feral humans though they may be related to the human genus.
 So how could you tell if a Sasquatch was "feral"?
 If he had a tendency to drop down on all fours.
 If you look at the Patterson figure, you can see that she is proportioned very much like a human. She is obviously as much a biped as we are. Running around on all fours would be unnatural for her, Unless there was something wrong with her.
 Some people have claimed to have seen sasquatch running on all fours. Maybe they are feral sasquatches.
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