Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Patty

There's an awful lot of fake videos of alleged bigfoot encounters and evidence on youtube. Why people do this, I don't know. It's like watching an unfunny comedy routine  fall flat on it's face to canned laughter. Whenever these videos show a guy in a suit, he always has a funny walk and wide arm swings. This is supposed to be in imitation of the Patterson figure. But it never looks real. It doesn't look real because Patty doesn't really walk funny.
The way she picks up and sets down her feet can be explained by the simple fact that she is barefooted on sandy, rocky, uneven  ground filled with all kinds of obstacles. The only time she swings her arms out is when she whirls around to face her pursuers. She turns, looks back toward Gimlin, steps in a slight depression(almost unnoticeable) because she took her eye off the ground in front of her. Then looks at Roger, and turns and continues walking. She never stopped moving even though Patterson later said in error that she had paused. Which goes to show you that even eyewitnesses can be wrong. When she got down in the woods she came upon uneven ground and her armswings compensated for the unevenness.
 The bottom of her feet, of course are covered with the dirt and probably pretty thickly, since she had been squatting by the creek edge and her feet were no doubt wet. This mud  might seem to distort her foot in the mind of one who didn't take this in consideration, giving them the notion that her heel had a different shape than normal people's.
Even looking at her profile, it is not apparent that she has an unhuman, apelike brow, just that it is obscured by hair. My conclusion is that this is a large, hairy naked woman, human, but not necessarily sapiens.
William Mayes


  1. Nice drawings and I agree with most of what you write. After going through your site I'm checking out your blogroll and see Michelle Malkin? I didn't know she was into Bigfoot. Anyway we may agree on more than Bigfoot afterall.


  2. Michelle Malkin is not into Bigfoot, but she is against political correctness, which in my opinion is one of the driving forces behind the Ape Theory.


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