Monday, October 18, 2010

My Dark BF

Sometime between 1968 and 1974, I turned on the tv and there was a documentary in progress about a creature that I had little knowledge of. I had read about some oversized footprints that had been discovered in the Northwest, but gave it little thought. This documentary was about some creatures that had actually been filmed, and got my attention. One of the film clips was of a female on a creek bed. It showed her turning towards the camera then turning away and walking away. This, of course was the famous Patterson film. It only showed a small part of it.

What is amazing is that it showed another clip, a clip I have never seen since.
According to the documentary, there was a Bigfoot that had been coming down to a house at night or early in the morning and going through the garbage.
One day the owner of the house or someone he knew managed to get some moving images of this fellow as he was walking along a path near his house.
The documentary showed this short clip and it was as real as the Patterson film. I knew in my heart that these images were real, and I said so to my Mother who was watching tv with me.
The figure ( I say figure because I can't bring myself to call it an animal after seeng it) was walking along and looking down and was about a three quarter turn away from the camera. You could tell that it was very large and heavy by the way it moved. The resolution of my tv and the resolution of the image were not the best. They showed this clip several times and I focused my attention on the face, because you could barely see its face.
Whatever happened to this film clip, I don't know. But I will always remember what I saw.
This is basically what my silly Bigfoot drawings is all about. I am not an artist, I have never had one dab of art training. I never started trying to draw until I was 67 years old. I started then so I might gain enough skill so I could represent what I saw on this documentary. I think I might be good enough now.

 The front was much darker than this and he may have been turned a little more away from the camera, also the chest was not as well defined,so it is possible that it was female, but it did not have the breasts that Patty had. I haven't really done justice to it because the stoic look on its face was very impressive to me and it seemed to be deep in thought which gave me the feeling that it was very intelligent.
The large area between the mouth and the small nose might make one think that it looked like an ourang-utan if seen from a distance, but the mouth area is very flat unlike an ourang-utan.
An eye-witness who saw a Bigfoot close up if I am not mistaken, has said that there was no large space above the lip as in my drawing. I believe this eye-witness is telling the truth. There seems to be a great deal of variation in Bigfoot descriptions. I would like to show a possible explanation for some of these variations.
Bigfoot eats meat, he does't brush his teeth or floss as far as I know. So it stands to reason that he may have dental problems.

Here is what the figure above would look like if it was toothless.

William Mayes

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