Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Ape with the Snorkel Nose

 If an ape such as a gorilla submerges its head beneath the water, its nostrils will become filled with water which would likely flood its nasal cavity, since its nostrils are turned outwards. When it raises its head above the water and tries to breathe, it could strangle or drown from the water in its nasal cavity.
 I believe that the configuration of the human nose, which is noticeably different from all other primates, is an adaptation for swimming underwater. The nostrils of the human nose are turned down, allowing air to be trapped in the nasal cavity
 This is not to say that people are descendents of "Water Apes", but such an ability was very useful to our remote ancestors. It allowed them to escape predators and increased their food sources to include fish, water fowl and other inhabitants of the rivers and seas.
 Most sea or river dwellers (such as otters or dolphins) have nostrils that can be closed to prevent their nasal cavities from being flooded with water. Any water in he nasal cavity must be blown out since mammals generally breathe through their nose. Otherwise, they could strangle or drown.
 I think this is very pertinent to Bigfoot research because some Bigfoot are known to swim underwater. While there have been witnesses who claim that the creatures they saw had apelike nostrils, I think that the ones that swim underwater probably have downturned nostrils.
William Mayes

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