Friday, February 5, 2010

What Is Bigfoot?

Just because I don't believe that Bigfoot is Gigantopithecus does not mean that I don't respect the people that do. Some of the people that I have a great admiration for apparently still believe in the Ape hypothesis. I believed in it at one time. It seemed to be a great theory, but I no longer believe in it. The reason I changed my mind had nothing to do with David Paulides or Harvey Pratt. It happened when I acquired a cd with some good images of the Patterson film. I could see that the creature was not an ape. I don't see how anyone can see Patty and believe that she is an ape.
If she isn't an ape, then what is she?
As far as we know, Bigfoot does not use fire or stone tools. The oldest known fossil of the genus homo is homo Habilis. It is believed that homo Habilis used primitive stone tools and possible used fire. Or could Bigfoot be some kind of relative of the Australopithecines?
I doubt it. I believe that bigfoot is much more advanced than these creatures. Bigfoot is a forest dweller and we know that this is not a good environment for fossilization. The ancestor of Bigfoot probably has not been found yet. I believe it was most likely a variant of homo Erectus.
Homo Erectus of course used fire and made stone tools, so what happened to Bigfoot?
He must have lost this technology somewhere along the way.
Is this possible?
Not only is it possible, but it is highly probable that a robust creature like bigfoot, who has adapted to a forest environment would quit using fire, because in such an environment he would constantly run the risk of starting a forest fire, which would be disastrous. Either natural selection or conscious consideration or both caused him to lose the ability to use fire and the knowledge that went with it. But fire is the mother of all technology. Not only cooking but curing hides, shaping wood , and many things would be impossible without fire. Just one generation without this technology and it is lost perhaps forever, since there is no way to record their knowledge for posterity.
It is possible that bigfoot has not completely lost all, since after all, he can speak and may have an oral tradition. I will explore this possibility in another post.
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