Monday, November 14, 2011

Possible Bigfoot Sign Language

In my last post I discussed the possibility of bigfoot using tools. Here is an example from bfro of bigfoot using simple tools.
  I also believe that bigfoot has a sign language. It is a language that uses the whole body and not just the hands. By using the body, it can be seen at a distance, allowing bigfoots to communicate silently without being close up. Here is an example of a bigfoot trying to communicate to a human. I think what bf was trying to say was "Do not come any closer, I could easily put you down.  I am going to turn around and walk away, but not out of fear."
   Bigfoot are often reported as swaying back and forth. Could it be possible that this has meaning? Maybe it is a greeting or  a friendly response to a greeting or an indication of a willingness to communicate.
William Mayes

Foreheads and Bangs

The new header image is one that I found on one of my cds that contained some images that I had saved and forgot about. I had a problem with my computer and had lost a bunch of images. I thought this was one of them. Luckily I had saved it. It is a version of one I called "Drink This".  In fact this is the original version. The version I have on my facebook page and picasa are modifications. After I found this image, I liked it so much that I decided to use it for my header.

  The last post I did, Comparing Bigfoot and Neanderthal, I said that homo ergaster was in my opinion, the closest fossil man to bigfoot.
The more I look at Patty and other images of bigfoot that I believe are real, the more I am beginning to think that there is one even more closer to bigfoot. That is homo sapiens. Looking at Patty from the side it does not appear that she has a brow ridge like erectus and his forebears. In fact some reports have mentioned the fact that the subject (I don't like to use the word "creature" or "animal") has a forehead just like ours. One report is Tim Peelers experience. I have read the same thing in other reports. The problem is that bigfoot's forehead is usually covered with hair, often described as "bangs". These bangs sometimes look like they had been trimmed. If bigfoot trims his hair then he must be a tool user. In fact it has been pointed out that many shaped stone objects that have been found and attributed to Indians may have belonged to bigfoot. The author of this blog has some interesting material along these lines.
Just because Bigfoot is primitive does not mean that he is an animal. Due to his appearance, he is pretty much isolated from human contact. This prevents him from learning new technology from humans. Consider the case of the Tasmanians.
William Mayes

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Neanderthal and Bigfoot

There was a recent report on bfro's site about an observation of a bigfoot through binoculars. One of the details of the description of the creature I found very interesting because I had been reading about the anatomical features of Neanderthals. The shape of the elbow as described by the observer is a feature of Neanderthal anatomy. This was surprising to me because I consider Neanderthals to be one of the least likely candidates for bigfoot. Neanderthals tended to be short with big noses and big long heads.They were also barrel chested and thick bodied much as has been decribed for bigfoot.In order for bigfoot to evolve from neanderthals, he would have to grow in height, his head would have to shrink and change shape. This is possible. Or he could have mixed with other types like Heidelbergensis or Cro Magnons.He might have simply evolved from the same roots that neanderthal evolved from. I think the last is most probable.

If we consider bigfoot to be a descendent of Neanderthals or even of Homo erectus, then we have a problem. These ancient men used fire and made stone tools. Bigfoot has never been seen with either fire or any kind of tool, other than a stick.

 Forty thousand years ago, or thereabouts, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals discovered each other. We know from DNA research that they interbred. One thing that new people bring with them is their diseases. The Neanderthals got sick from a disease that Cro=Magnon had resistence to, and it wiped them out, except for a few old women and a few children. These were the Cro-Magnon women that had become the mates of the neaderthals and their half-breed children. These individuals survived because they had resistence to the disease because of their Cro-Magon genes. Knowing that the disease was acquired from the Cro-Magnons, they retreated to the mountains and wild places to avoid them. They had no tools or other technology and no knowledge of how to make them. But they managed to survive and adapted to the wilderness. They essentially went wild.The result is the creature we call "Bigfoot".

This is just a supposition but I think something like this may have happenened.

By the way, Neanderthals had huge noses and big heads. There are mythological creatures that also have huge noses and big heads. They were called "trolls".

Are trolls really a myth? I wonder if trolls were Neanderthals? Except trolls were giants. Maybe trolls were giant Neanderthals. Maybe bigfoot is a troll.

William Mayes

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Don't Just Believe Any Old Thing

Obviously I believe in Bigfoot. In my opinion there is too much evidence for any informed and reasonable person to deny this creature's existence. There are films such as Roger Patterson's, and videos, such as Paul Freeman's, thousands of tracks, thousands of reported Bigfoot sightings, many by well known and professional people such as psychologists, nurses, forest rangers and experienced hunters. I also have the testimony of people I know personally who have had experiences with these creatures. I am by nature a very skeptical person, but I am also a reasonable person. If all this information could be proven false then I would no longer be a believer in Bigfoot. I don't believe in just any old crap. It's got to make sense.

I don't believe bigfoot is a spirit nor do I believe that he can disappear in midair.

If Bigfoot is real then he is a flesh and blood creature. One thing I dislike is for Bigfoot to be called a 'paranormal'subject. 'Paranormal' is fantasy science based on science-fiction gimmicks. Science-fiction gimmicks are devices used to make an impossible situation appear possible. Time travel, interdimensional travel, hyperspace, warp drives, and telepathy are all standardized science-fiction gimmicks. All these things are impossible, they only exist in the imagination. These gimmicks have been around so long that there are people that will argue that they are real, but they are wrong.

Another science-fiction concept is 'Alien Lifeforms'. So far no one has been able to prove that such a thing exists. It is completely possible that life on earth is the only life that exists. If we never find any examples We may never be sure. I would expect if extraterrestrial life exists then it is very rare and extraterrestrial intelligence even rarer.

Life began on this planet one time. All life is descended from that first life form. You did not come into existence when you were conceived, the living substance in your body has been alive for about four billion years. All life on earth is descended from other life and each lifeform holds the traces of its predecessors in its DNA. The pattern of evolutionary development is reflected in the development of a fetus.

Due to the arbitrary nature of evolution, this pattern is unique. If there is life on another planet then its pattern of evolutionary development would also be unique. There would be no vertebrates or humanoids on an alien planet. These are arbitrary and unique earthly developments. A creature from another world would be stranger than we can imagine. A spider or an octopus is our brother, not so an alien lifeform.

It's even worse than that. There is absolutely no reason to believe an alien lifeform would be based on DNA. DNA is an earth solution to the problem of life. There may be many more ways of going about it. An alien life form would not likely be based on DNA and the method of genetic expression of physical traits would be based on a different mechanism.

This is what I believe and it seems reasonable to me.

 When somebody tries to imagine what an alien intelligence looks like, they start with the human form and modify it to make look'weird' usually starting with the eyes. So you can understand my frustration when someone tells tales about alien "Grays"(humanoid vertebrates) or "Reptoids"(humanoid reptiles) experimenting with human DNA or creating human clones.A real alien would look nothing like any thing you've ever seen before and would probably die if exposed to earth's environment.

William Walter Mayes

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is Bigfoot animal or human?

A possible answer is that he is both.
Bigfoot seems to be basicly a small brained, simple-minded race of people. They seem to lack the intelligence to form any civilized society so they live as wild creatures, but are generically human. In other words they are what used to be called yahoos.This presents a problem to certain people who deny that there is any possibility that all humans are not equal.
This is a political or philosophical point of view, not a scientific one. It is one that says that Bigfoot does not exist if Bigfoot is a human animal because humanity and animalness are incompatible or if Bigfoot does exist then it must be an animal and not human. Science might be able to decide if Bigfoot exists if it were allowed to, but it is not allowed to. It might come up with a politically incorrect answer.
Am I underestimating Bigfoot? just because they are primitive doesn't necessarily mean a lack of intelligence, does it? After all, Bigfoot appears to have language if we believe the sierra sounds evidence.
I don't know, but it is an indication, since they lack even the rudiments that other primitives have.
I certainly hope that I am wrong about Bigfoot.
William Mayes

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Small Voice Calls Out

On Monday, September 7, 2009, I posted an article called 'Rasa, The Old Man'. In it I mentioned that on The 'Bigfoot Sounds' CD put out by Ron Morehead and Alan Berry, I had detected a conversation in the background that seemed to be of a childlike voice calling out what appeared to be a name, to which a male adult voice responded, which I took to be "The Old Man" which was the leader of the Bigfoot clan. The name or word sounded to me like 'Rasa'.

I had a different computer and operating system at that time (Windows XP) and was able to get a copy directly from the audio stream, which I amplified and denoised slightly. Unfortunately, I had computer problems and subsequently lost this clear copy. My current computer will not allow recording directly from the stream so I have recorded it from my speakers which gives it a lower sound resolution.

There are people who claim to have inside knowledge of Bigfoot language. I don't know whether they do or not. I don't claim that I know any Bigfoot language, all I know is what I heard.

William Mayes

Friday, June 3, 2011

Courage and Bigfoot DNA

As I have hinted at before, I don't believe in anonymity. If you don't have the courage of your convictions, why should anyone believe you?

I usually don't publish first-hand reports of bigfoot encounters because this blog is not trying to prove the existence of Sasquatch. There is enough evidence already for anyone with any discernment to realize that these creatures (people) exist. I don't have time or resources to verify any sighting reports. But I will post one or two unverified reports from time to time if I feel like it. All I ask is that the reporter supply his name and email address. In this case, I let the reader decide on its veracity.
There is a lot of hogwash extant among the bigfooters. I won't even go into the subject of "paranormal phenomena" which I think is bunk. Things like saggital crests, and metatarsal breaks are theoretical artifacts of  people who are trying to push the Ape Model of bigfoot. There is no real evidence for them. I believe that Bigfoot (or whatever you want to call them) are human. By human, I mean they belong to the same genus (Homo) that we do. They are not necesarily of the same species, but they might be.
There are people who are studying Bigfoot dna and have come up with some surprising (to some) conclusions.
William Mayes

Sighting Report #1

I've just received an email from a fellow who says he had two sightings in Texas. He has sent me the first incident which involves a sasquatch drinking from a spring. I have not received the second incident yet. He has said he does not wish to remain anonymous.

Here is his report:


#Date: March 18, 1999

Time: 5:30 pm.

Weather: Mostly clear, with some clouds, slight breeze.

Location: Texas, NW of San Antonio

I was in a Christian rehabilitation program in Texas, North West of San Antonio. I and several other candidates were selected to attend this six month "rehabilitation” program for business men and women who suffered “burn outs”. I arrived from Guam in January 9th of ‘99 (originally from Hawaii) as others arrived from other locations in the continental U.S.s  We drove about two hours North of San Antonio . We then turned onto a dirt road (already in the boonies). We drove through ten or eleven ranches (opening it’s gates) to get to this ranch we were going to spend the next six months.

I’ve never seen so much land that stretch till the eye could see. As we were getting close to the Ranch we were designated too, there were elks, dears, other animals I was not familiar with such as armadillo’s and skunks. The ranch we were on was about 40 acres, with a historical sight regarding a "pony express" station. This is where I had my first experience with what I now know was "Bigfoot".

Immediately I now realize why it was suggested that I come here to start my healing. I had lost a close friend (my fiancĂ©e) in a plane crash in 1997 on the island of Guam. I was in sales and couldn’t afford to let the incident get to me, so I worked almost an average of eighteen hours a day. Then a typhoon hit the island not less than three months after and things got worse. Finally in the middle of November, I had a nervous breakdown and began a process of healing.

 It wasn‘t difficult for me to adjust as the place was nothing I‘ve ever experience before. The night skies were beautiful as there were no lights or sound at all, but the tones coming from my guitar. Even then, I would have emotional episodes as I realize that I was now going through the process of grieving and letting go. I wasn’t aware of how deep I had stuffed my feelings and emotions of my friend passing on. I never dropped a tear until I got to the ranch.

We had our groups and bible classes during the week and Saturdays were duties and chores as we worked on the “pear orchid” and other task that was needed on the ranch. But Sunday’s was a “free” day. We could sleep in, and do nothing. But I took long walks daily and took in as much nature as I could. I would stop and sit down and look around and be amazed and also understood why the staff and the owners had all of us agree to a “disclosure” of not telling or taking anything that we found on this ranch. Journaling was mandatory as it served as a “barometer” regarding our healing and growth. The founder, pastor, and head  administrator  just happened to be my counselor also. The first three weeks were very difficult, as I would be somewhere in the woods and do my journaling. The process allowed me to begin a healing process which led to many emotional moments. I believe there was not a day that had gone by that these events occurred regularly.

 My walks averaged about five miles a day and ten on Sundays.

 My first encounter occurred at one of my favorite spots and was also a historical site. It was one of the transfer stations regarding the “pony express” era. There were remnants of its sheds and lots of artifacts such as a silver coins  , bullets, etc. The most significant of all was the water hole. An underground spring created a pool that supplied clean drinking water. I would “skinny dip” at times as the days began to get warmer. It was located a mile past the cabins as the main facility was a half mile the opposite direction.

It was Monday (February 22, 1999) and the time was close to 5:30 pm with scarce clouds and no breeze at all. After walking about twenty minutes, I decided it was best to head back to the cabins. There was a slight slope that led up to the waterhole as the foliage was much thicker then where I first started at. As I then reached my original site, I froze in my pants as I thought it was a bear crouching down and drinking water with its paw’s. It’s back facing me as it drew water from the pool and raised it to its mouth. I would guess that I was about twenty five to thirty feet apart from it. I’m not familiar with wildlife on the ‘bigger” U.S, but I don’t think bears have hands and they usually stick its nose or whole face and use its tongue. I stood there just not moving as thinking to attempt to move quietly behind the remnants of the shed which had some of its chimney left.

It kept drinking until the horn from our jeep sounded (this was a signal for everyone to start heading back to the camp). The honk got its attention as it turned its head to the direction of the noise. I then had a view of its heads profile. Flat faced, strong protruding forehead with its eye’s set under it. Cone shaped head and its nose was wide and flat but not like a gorilla’s. Its lips were large as I did notice that it really looked like a human in many ways. Its hands were huge with its palm lighter than its fur which averaged about three to four inches in length. Its fingernails were nasty, as well as its toes that accompanied its very large feet. It was then, I realized what could be as my mind still couldn’t accept the fact that it was real. When I moved towards the shed, it moved its head and looked at me straight in the eye. I now realize that it probably knew I was there but drinking getting a drink of water was his priority. My emotions went from “hyper-drive” to “Warp 10” in an instant. I really don’t know how long it stared at me, but my feet couldn’t move at all. I was scared, very scared.  It then got up as I realized that there are two things that will happen. He’ll have me for dinner or simply kill for the sport, or somehow we could have a decent understanding and I’ll just go away. But I’ve been much more frightened then this once as a fifteen foot tiger shark was circling our diving group back in Hawaii.  At least I had a chance to run. But looking at its height and how big it’s total size overall was, I would get the first ten feet, and it would simply engulf me. It was about almost a minute and a half or two. Still looking at me directly as it seemed to have observed me. I recall hearing sounds from where I had just walked from, like a wood was being used against another. It smelled very badly. Like a dead animal. Its fur was not true black but off centered with a reddish color tint to it. Mostly behind its head down it’s back. It turned its head toward the wood knocking and then looked at me for another thirty seconds. It dropped its shoulder, and its gaze was very different from its first. I could feel that it was not going to harm me and everything is going to be alright. Then it turned its head back in the direction of the knocking and proceeded to walk. It turned once more to look at me (it must have been about fifty or sixty feet away) and simply disappeared in an instant.

All of this lasted within a seven to eight minutes but it seemed like it was longer then that. I did a fast walk or rather run in the opposite direction still feeling how much your body goes into a “fright or fight” mode with my adrenaline pumping rapidly in my system. When I got back to the camp, I was quiet and didn’t realize that I was still in a shock like state of mind. I did journal this event, but not the second encounter realizing that the staff behaved differently after that. I was also disappointed with Wallace as it was understood that everything was confidential and kept only between staff and client. The second encounter occurred about two weeks later.

Walter Hendriques

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bigfoot Variations

 I recently uploaded a new drawing to my google Picasa album "Meet Bigfoot" depicting Tim Peeler confronting bigfoot.
 What strikes me about Tim is that he is not so "refined" that he feels that he should be afraid to speak the truth just because people won't believe him. Someone said that Europeans can't wait to tell people about a sighting they have experienced but Americans are afraid to speak out. It should be the other way around. It used to be when I was a kid in the forties and fifties, people were not so concerned about appearances that they would hide the truth. After all, the constitution guarantees us the right to speak our mind.
 Thanks to Bobby Short of Bigfoot Encounters, for adding a page with a video link that gives the true story of Tim and his sighting.
 Some people have the ability to look into someone's face and read their character. Some people don't. I think Tim may have this ability and that is one of the reasons that Tim was not so afraid of bigfoot. Bigfoot also has this ability. It is a very subtle ability and for someone who is especially sensitive it works even when someone is trying to hide their motives. It is not something you can acquire by studying "body language". It is instinctive. People possess abilities of this nature and the use of these abilities have given rise to the notion of telepathy.
 You may be surprised to learn that there are even ways to transfer thoughts and intentions over even distance and time without recourse to an unknown medium or force. I don't have time to go into it right now but it requires what I call molecular language. I will elaborate on this theory in a future post.
 What I want to discuss today is something that has been a thorn in my side in my endeavors to represent the true appearance of this creature. Namely, that there are such wide variations in the descriptions by witnesses.
 Descriptions in Washington state run something like this:Black skin on their face and hands, long hair on their body and arms, very long arms,short hair on their often pointy heads. A flat or broad nose. A "pushed in" face.The sclera of their eyes is dark.An apish aspect that has led witnesses to say that they believed it was an animal and not human. This contrasts with descriptions of very humanlike creatures such as the one that Tim Peeler saw. Are there two(or more) different creatures that are called by the name of "bigfoot"? Is there an ape type bigfoot and a human type bigfoot?
 I don't think so.
 The first type of bigfoot, the apish type, is the basic bigfoot, I call him the "Wilderness Bigfoot" because he is found in places far from human habitation and has remained virtually pure. The other type is the "Peripheral Bigfoot" that lives in areas that border on human habitation that have been much more penetrated by humans.
 There is great variability in the Peripheral Bigfoot. "Patty" of the Patterson film is a Peripheral Bigfoot, though she is probably close to Wilderness category. In fact, I think that pure Wilderness Bigfoot are in the minority. At least they are less likely to be seen.
 The Wilderness Bigfoot is not an ape. He is sufficiently human, in spite of his appearance, to breed with our type of human. Though there may have been regional variations, I don't think that in itself is enough to explain the differences. Mixing with humans is what has caused so much variation.  How this has happened is probably not how you think it happened.
 While Native Americans have told stories of how old bigfoot would come down from the mountains and carry off a young maiden to be his bride, nobody was keeping track of the exploits of the young braves while in the mountains. Of course any young brave ravished by a female bigfoot doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant and would pobably be too embarassed to mention it.
 In fact, a mountain man alone for months or years at a time in the mountains of Virginia, Kentucky, or North Carolina, might give in to the charms of a friendly bigfoot lady. I believe it has happened. Who knows, Tim might have encountered a distant relative.
William Mayes

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some interesting links

I can't believe that I haven't updated my blog since November. My attention has been taken up by other things, one of which is trying to learn how use Blender. Blender is a program for creating 3d art, videos and games. It is completely free, which doesn't mean that it isn't a high quality piece of software, which it is. It is very difficult to learn, at least by an old man like me.
  My first link is to a sighting in Oregon reported to BFRO. It is interesting because the witness drew a picture illustrating the creature he saw. Notice that the proportions are completely humanlike.
 My next link is also to BFRO and it has probably the most believable bigfoot sighting that I know of. It too was in Oregon and the witness was a 6'9" psychologist.
 Another link gives much more detail about his very interesting experience and the follow-up by the BFRO.
Apparently, by one of the statements he made, BFRO has convinced him of the ridiculous theory that bigfoot is Gigantopithecus.
While I was looking at BFRO's Oregon links, I saw one where bigfoot apparently was stealing canned goods out of a shed, a behavior I find hard to attribute to an unintelligent animal.
The drawing by Tim Peeler is very interesting because of the humanlike features of the being that he saw. I am 100% confident that Tim saw what he said he saw.
Fake bigfoot videos are a dime a dozen on youtube, but there was one I found interesting though I don't know if it was real or not. The images are very dark and indistinct. I managed to get some shots of several frames and increased the brightness and contrast in gimp. They are very interesting but in no way conclusive.

This is the creature just before it jumped.

This is the creature as it jumps

This is as it lands

Here it is running through the woods

William Mayes

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