Monday, March 7, 2011

Bigfoot Variations

 I recently uploaded a new drawing to my google Picasa album "Meet Bigfoot" depicting Tim Peeler confronting bigfoot.
 What strikes me about Tim is that he is not so "refined" that he feels that he should be afraid to speak the truth just because people won't believe him. Someone said that Europeans can't wait to tell people about a sighting they have experienced but Americans are afraid to speak out. It should be the other way around. It used to be when I was a kid in the forties and fifties, people were not so concerned about appearances that they would hide the truth. After all, the constitution guarantees us the right to speak our mind.
 Thanks to Bobby Short of Bigfoot Encounters, for adding a page with a video link that gives the true story of Tim and his sighting.
 Some people have the ability to look into someone's face and read their character. Some people don't. I think Tim may have this ability and that is one of the reasons that Tim was not so afraid of bigfoot. Bigfoot also has this ability. It is a very subtle ability and for someone who is especially sensitive it works even when someone is trying to hide their motives. It is not something you can acquire by studying "body language". It is instinctive. People possess abilities of this nature and the use of these abilities have given rise to the notion of telepathy.
 You may be surprised to learn that there are even ways to transfer thoughts and intentions over even distance and time without recourse to an unknown medium or force. I don't have time to go into it right now but it requires what I call molecular language. I will elaborate on this theory in a future post.
 What I want to discuss today is something that has been a thorn in my side in my endeavors to represent the true appearance of this creature. Namely, that there are such wide variations in the descriptions by witnesses.
 Descriptions in Washington state run something like this:Black skin on their face and hands, long hair on their body and arms, very long arms,short hair on their often pointy heads. A flat or broad nose. A "pushed in" face.The sclera of their eyes is dark.An apish aspect that has led witnesses to say that they believed it was an animal and not human. This contrasts with descriptions of very humanlike creatures such as the one that Tim Peeler saw. Are there two(or more) different creatures that are called by the name of "bigfoot"? Is there an ape type bigfoot and a human type bigfoot?
 I don't think so.
 The first type of bigfoot, the apish type, is the basic bigfoot, I call him the "Wilderness Bigfoot" because he is found in places far from human habitation and has remained virtually pure. The other type is the "Peripheral Bigfoot" that lives in areas that border on human habitation that have been much more penetrated by humans.
 There is great variability in the Peripheral Bigfoot. "Patty" of the Patterson film is a Peripheral Bigfoot, though she is probably close to Wilderness category. In fact, I think that pure Wilderness Bigfoot are in the minority. At least they are less likely to be seen.
 The Wilderness Bigfoot is not an ape. He is sufficiently human, in spite of his appearance, to breed with our type of human. Though there may have been regional variations, I don't think that in itself is enough to explain the differences. Mixing with humans is what has caused so much variation.  How this has happened is probably not how you think it happened.
 While Native Americans have told stories of how old bigfoot would come down from the mountains and carry off a young maiden to be his bride, nobody was keeping track of the exploits of the young braves while in the mountains. Of course any young brave ravished by a female bigfoot doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant and would pobably be too embarassed to mention it.
 In fact, a mountain man alone for months or years at a time in the mountains of Virginia, Kentucky, or North Carolina, might give in to the charms of a friendly bigfoot lady. I believe it has happened. Who knows, Tim might have encountered a distant relative.
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