Friday, June 3, 2011

Courage and Bigfoot DNA

As I have hinted at before, I don't believe in anonymity. If you don't have the courage of your convictions, why should anyone believe you?

I usually don't publish first-hand reports of bigfoot encounters because this blog is not trying to prove the existence of Sasquatch. There is enough evidence already for anyone with any discernment to realize that these creatures (people) exist. I don't have time or resources to verify any sighting reports. But I will post one or two unverified reports from time to time if I feel like it. All I ask is that the reporter supply his name and email address. In this case, I let the reader decide on its veracity.
There is a lot of hogwash extant among the bigfooters. I won't even go into the subject of "paranormal phenomena" which I think is bunk. Things like saggital crests, and metatarsal breaks are theoretical artifacts of  people who are trying to push the Ape Model of bigfoot. There is no real evidence for them. I believe that Bigfoot (or whatever you want to call them) are human. By human, I mean they belong to the same genus (Homo) that we do. They are not necesarily of the same species, but they might be.
There are people who are studying Bigfoot dna and have come up with some surprising (to some) conclusions.
William Mayes

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I've lived in the woods and came to know and understand the creatures that inhabit it. I have compassion for all God's creatures, most especially the creature known whimsically as "bigfoot", since he is more like us than any other. I am now an old man and unable to run around in the woods. If I were able I would be out there right now trying to prove his existence. I started this blog to try to express some of the ideas and speculations I have had on bigfoot. I am not into bigfoot social events. I don't gossip about other bloggers. I try to keep myself informed of events. My ideas and opinions are my own and I make no apology for them. They are not written in stone and I welcome any and all civil comments. I am looking for the truth, not fame.