Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is Bigfoot animal or human?

A possible answer is that he is both.
Bigfoot seems to be basicly a small brained, simple-minded race of people. They seem to lack the intelligence to form any civilized society so they live as wild creatures, but are generically human. In other words they are what used to be called yahoos.This presents a problem to certain people who deny that there is any possibility that all humans are not equal.
This is a political or philosophical point of view, not a scientific one. It is one that says that Bigfoot does not exist if Bigfoot is a human animal because humanity and animalness are incompatible or if Bigfoot does exist then it must be an animal and not human. Science might be able to decide if Bigfoot exists if it were allowed to, but it is not allowed to. It might come up with a politically incorrect answer.
Am I underestimating Bigfoot? just because they are primitive doesn't necessarily mean a lack of intelligence, does it? After all, Bigfoot appears to have language if we believe the sierra sounds evidence.
I don't know, but it is an indication, since they lack even the rudiments that other primitives have.
I certainly hope that I am wrong about Bigfoot.
William Mayes

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I've lived in the woods and came to know and understand the creatures that inhabit it. I have compassion for all God's creatures, most especially the creature known whimsically as "bigfoot", since he is more like us than any other. I am now an old man and unable to run around in the woods. If I were able I would be out there right now trying to prove his existence. I started this blog to try to express some of the ideas and speculations I have had on bigfoot. I am not into bigfoot social events. I don't gossip about other bloggers. I try to keep myself informed of events. My ideas and opinions are my own and I make no apology for them. They are not written in stone and I welcome any and all civil comments. I am looking for the truth, not fame.