Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Don't Just Believe Any Old Thing

Obviously I believe in Bigfoot. In my opinion there is too much evidence for any informed and reasonable person to deny this creature's existence. There are films such as Roger Patterson's, and videos, such as Paul Freeman's, thousands of tracks, thousands of reported Bigfoot sightings, many by well known and professional people such as psychologists, nurses, forest rangers and experienced hunters. I also have the testimony of people I know personally who have had experiences with these creatures. I am by nature a very skeptical person, but I am also a reasonable person. If all this information could be proven false then I would no longer be a believer in Bigfoot. I don't believe in just any old crap. It's got to make sense.

I don't believe bigfoot is a spirit nor do I believe that he can disappear in midair.

If Bigfoot is real then he is a flesh and blood creature. One thing I dislike is for Bigfoot to be called a 'paranormal'subject. 'Paranormal' is fantasy science based on science-fiction gimmicks. Science-fiction gimmicks are devices used to make an impossible situation appear possible. Time travel, interdimensional travel, hyperspace, warp drives, and telepathy are all standardized science-fiction gimmicks. All these things are impossible, they only exist in the imagination. These gimmicks have been around so long that there are people that will argue that they are real, but they are wrong.

Another science-fiction concept is 'Alien Lifeforms'. So far no one has been able to prove that such a thing exists. It is completely possible that life on earth is the only life that exists. If we never find any examples We may never be sure. I would expect if extraterrestrial life exists then it is very rare and extraterrestrial intelligence even rarer.

Life began on this planet one time. All life is descended from that first life form. You did not come into existence when you were conceived, the living substance in your body has been alive for about four billion years. All life on earth is descended from other life and each lifeform holds the traces of its predecessors in its DNA. The pattern of evolutionary development is reflected in the development of a fetus.

Due to the arbitrary nature of evolution, this pattern is unique. If there is life on another planet then its pattern of evolutionary development would also be unique. There would be no vertebrates or humanoids on an alien planet. These are arbitrary and unique earthly developments. A creature from another world would be stranger than we can imagine. A spider or an octopus is our brother, not so an alien lifeform.

It's even worse than that. There is absolutely no reason to believe an alien lifeform would be based on DNA. DNA is an earth solution to the problem of life. There may be many more ways of going about it. An alien life form would not likely be based on DNA and the method of genetic expression of physical traits would be based on a different mechanism.

This is what I believe and it seems reasonable to me.

 When somebody tries to imagine what an alien intelligence looks like, they start with the human form and modify it to make look'weird' usually starting with the eyes. So you can understand my frustration when someone tells tales about alien "Grays"(humanoid vertebrates) or "Reptoids"(humanoid reptiles) experimenting with human DNA or creating human clones.A real alien would look nothing like any thing you've ever seen before and would probably die if exposed to earth's environment.

William Walter Mayes

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