Monday, November 14, 2011

Possible Bigfoot Sign Language

In my last post I discussed the possibility of bigfoot using tools. Here is an example from bfro of bigfoot using simple tools.
  I also believe that bigfoot has a sign language. It is a language that uses the whole body and not just the hands. By using the body, it can be seen at a distance, allowing bigfoots to communicate silently without being close up. Here is an example of a bigfoot trying to communicate to a human. I think what bf was trying to say was "Do not come any closer, I could easily put you down.  I am going to turn around and walk away, but not out of fear."
   Bigfoot are often reported as swaying back and forth. Could it be possible that this has meaning? Maybe it is a greeting or  a friendly response to a greeting or an indication of a willingness to communicate.
William Mayes

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